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Brake pads wear out. If you are experiencing Brake Problems, give us a call. There are warnin g signs that you need brakes. We inspect your car to determine the condition of rotors, drums, hardware, brake fluid, master cylinder, calipers, lines, cables and wheel cylinders. Measuring and inspecting these parts is the only way to make a decision on replacing them. We have great prices on these parts, if they are needed, or we can upgrade your brake system. Other shops might try to sell you new rotors when your vehicle doesn’t need them - we measure the rotor’s thickness and compare it to industry standards to see if they require replacement. We will take you out in the garage, explain our inspection, and let you decide what repairs to make. All cars are different so brake repairs can vary on certain imported or domestic cars and high-tech brake systems.

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Brake Team is a Portland company

-The Brake Team is owned by local people. Their unique, customer-friendly management style has been incorporated at all Portland-area Brake Team locations since November 2008.

Our team has done over 550,000 Brake Jobs !
According to Patrick, of Brake Team, “Brake Team wants to let our customers know that we care about them and that they can get quality brake repair at great prices of a specialty shop. We wanted to make sure that all stores are operating at expected level of excellence.”

For over 10 years, the Brake Brothers have generated a reputation of high customer service and a focus on customer education. They were voted the Number One Best Brake Shop in San Diego and awarded the Total Excellence in Management Award by Ken Blanchard, author of the One Minute Manager.

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Total Excellence in Management Award by Ken Blanchard
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Our Brake service is done by technicians, that change brakes all day long ! When it comes to brake repair, the Brake Team technicians have the day to day experience. Brake Team technicians may repair 10 cars a day, while at other shops, the technicians may repair only 2 or 3 brake jobs a week. Because of the amount of brake work we do at Brake Team, we are able to offer great value on brake repair. Great prices and great service. Brake Team offers free brake inspection, so you can check the safety feature on your car at no cost. See our Brake Warning Signs.

About Brake Service

Brake Team can replace your brake pads which are a normal wear item on your car. Brake Team will check your brakes. There are brake warning signs that your brake pads are wearing out, stop in to Brake Team and we will inspect the brakes on your car. There is no charge for the brake inspection, so if you have any doubt about your brakes, you can have them checked for free. Bringing your car in as soon as you see brake warning signs, having the brake pads changed, prevents damage to other components. It is best to bring your car in early, to prevent any damage. It is a simple repair, and because we purchase brake pads and brake shoes in volume, we get better prices and so that we are able to offer you better brakes, at better prices. We use a quality brake pad on your car. There are brake pads that cost less, but we have found that they are noisy and wear out faster. For $88.00 Brake Team is able to put your car on the hoist, take off the wheels and disassemble the bake caliper, removing the brake pads. Brake Team, then also removes the rotor or brake drum and puts it on the brake lathe. The brake lathe is a machine that can smooth out the high and low spots on a rotor or drum, creating a new surface for the brake pads or shoes to stop the vehicle. The brake technician, then installs new brake pads or brake shoes in the caliper, greasing any bearings that are not sealed, put the rotor back on the axle, putting the tires on, and bleeding the brake system if necessary. We use a quality brake pad, better that the original manufacture requires.
There are other components in the brake system as well, such as calipers and brake hardware, that we check when you bring in your car. Brakes are the most important safety feature on your car, so we want to make sure it is working well.