Brake Repair


Brake Pads
Installed on the front of Any RV for $148.

At Brake Team, we will lift up your RV and install new brake pads on the front for $148.00, that is parts and labor. Brake Team offers a Free Brake Inspection on your RV. We are Brake specialist, PCL-18-6_With_Mobile_Home_RV_BendPak_Portable_Column_Liftso we do more brakes, better and faster than anyone else. Why Pay More?

Give us a call at 503 433-8800 to make an appointment for a free brake inspection or Click Here to make an appointment on line

If your hearing grinds or squeaks when you step on your brake pedal, it would be best to come in ASAP for our FREE brake inspection. That is the only way to give you an accurate estimate for the cost of the brake repair. We will perform the inspection then provide you with an estimate for your approval prior to any repairs.

Brake pads wear out. If you are experiencing Brake Problems, give us a call. There are warning signs that you need brakes. We inspect your car to determine the condition of rotors, drums, hardware, brake fluid, master cylinder, calipers, lines, cables and wheel cylinders. Measuring and inspecting these parts is the only way to make a decision on replacing them. We have great prices on these parts, if they are needed, or we can upgrade your brake system. Other shops might try to sell you new rotors when your vehicle doesn’t need them - we measure the rotor’s thickness and compare it to industry standards to see if they require replacement. We will take you out in the garage, explain our inspection, and let you decide what repairs to make.

1) Remove the wheels.
Remove the wheels to make a visual inspection .  Take off the caliper bolts, remove the pads
2) Inspect the Brake Disc
The side of the brake disc facing you should be shiny.  It may have some slightly visible lines caused by normal wear.  You want to look for any rough spots or visible grooves.   You may need to replace your brake discs if you find either.  Remember, brake discs should be replaced in pairs to ensure safe operation of you vehicle. Measure thickness
3)  Inspect the Brake Padsvictorinox-swiss-qrmy-qirstream-trailer-00
The brake pad is facing the brake disc.    It is important to be able to see the thickness of the pad.  You should replace your brake pads if they are less then 1/8 of inch thick.   An 1/8 of an inch is about the same thickness as two pennies stacked on top of each other.
4) Inspect your Brake Lines
Take a look at your brake lines while you are looking at your brake discs and pads.  Rubber brake lines should be soft and supple.  You should replace them if they are rigid and/or cracked.  Metal brake lines should be hard and not should not be corroded.
Need to replace your brakes?
  Brake Team will replace brake pads for $148 on your RV or Trailer or Camper brake system. You’ll smile when you realize how much money you saved at Brake Team

Brake Team also does Trailer Brakes, we will replace the Brake Shoes on any Trailer as well Call us, or drop off your trailer. We do brakes better and faster than anyone else, it is what we do !

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